Eggs…And More!

This week we will continue on the topic of eggs and look into the sides we eat them with. I’ve reached out to some other colleagues with Invictus Boston Nutrition to see what healthy items they pair with their eggs:


Jon Esposito, shares his choice of breakfast:

Three, over medium, organic pasteurized free-range eggs with 2 strips of organic bacon over a bed of organic kale, red leaf lettuce, and spinach with organic mushrooms sautéed in Kerry gold butter. Topped with olive oil, salt and some cherry tomatoes, chia and flax seeds.”


JJ Beasley’s breakfast of choice is:

“Shaved Brussel sprouts, spinach, asparagus, mushrooms and sweet potato sautéed in some grass-fed butter or avocado oil with 3-4 pastured raised eggs on top or two pieces of toasted homemade sourdough with 1 mashed avocado mixed w/ some lemon juice, pink Himalayan salt, pepper and chili flakes and topped with 3 poached eggs.”


As for me, I enjoy a good egg scramble or omelette packed full of any veggies (I’m not picky) with a side of roasted kale and berries.

But, things don’t always have to be fancy and pretty. Eggs can also be included in some healthy quick morning meals or meal preps.

Egg muffins are very versatile and can include your vegetables of choice. Egg muffins are perfect for meal prep as they last 3-4 days in the fridge and up to 2 months in the freezer. Make a big batch and pull out for a quick healthy breakfast or snack on the run.

Other ideas can include a quick scramble with veggies on the side. Additional sides of fruit are a healthy choice. If choosing a starch, sweet potatoes or whole grain bread would be a good option.

Share with us some of your favorite egg based meals!


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